What the heck is a Sack Sack?

Get this: The Sack Sack is refillable body powder applicator that eliminates the mess we all hate about our beloved body powders - especially when applying it "down under" in the sensitive nether regions.  Powder doesn't like to go where you tell it to and while we all know powder prefers to hang out with toes and dust bunnies on the bathroom floor, we don't support that.  Load your Sack Sack with your favorite body powder, zip it up, and take the short route to feeling like a million bucks!  

How does The Sack Sack work?

We don't know.  Some sort of magic probably.  But seriously, The Sack Sack leverages the power of brushed cotton flannel to retain powder particles close to its applicator surface.  By brushing and patting it against the skin, just the right amount of powder is evenly and efficiently applied to the skin, without the usual waterfall-through-the-fingers effect we all hate.  If you've ever done the old squat and swat technique, you know how hard it can be to get even coverage in your groin area specifically.  Groins are where the Sack Sack really shines!

Does The Sack Sack come with powder in it?

Body powders are like fine wines.  We would never force you to drink our cruddy table wine when so many tasty vintages are so readily available.  If you need powder brand advice, take a look at our blog.  Filling the Sack Sack is easy, and because it's refillable and machine washable, it's always fun to try something new on your next fill.  Go, young powder pro, and explore the body powder frontier in front of you.

How do you fill it?

Unzip the zipper and slip the opening over the top of your powder bottle.  Most standard powder bottles we tested made it fairly easy to remove the sifter top, which is helpful.  If possible, pop off the sifter top before sliding the Sack Sack over the mouth of the powder bottle.  Then, carefully upend the bottle while holding the Sack Sack in place so that all of the powdery goodness transfers into the sack.  Zip it up, and you're ready to wage war on that swampy crotch.

Do you sell a case for Sack Sack?

It's in development.  We've gotten a lot of feedback to indicate that a travel case has reason to exist and we agree it would be great for storing and taking your Sack Sack with you on the road.  Keep an eye out for new products like this soon.  You can always sign up for our email list to be notified when the case is announced!

What are your recommended washing/drying directions?

Our general guideline is to machine wash using cold water in the gentle cycle and tumble dry low.  If you find your zipper has become lodged in place by powder in the zipper teeth, simply rinse the zipper area with a small amount of water before gently working it open.  We recommend washing empty with the zipper open.

What is your return policy?

For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns on Sack Sack powder applicators.  All sales are final.


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