So, you just received your Sack Sack. What Now?

So, you just received your Sack Sack. What Now?

August 23, 2017 0 Comments

The Sack Sack is a soft, cotton flannel powder dispensing bag that simplifies applying powder to your perineum (groin) and inner thigh area. It's machine washable and filling it with your favorite powder products is easy. Once you try it, you'll be hooked, so let's get the skinny on getting started.

Unzip the zipper top and separate the sides to open the bag. Now gather a bottle of your favorite powder.

To make filling your Sack Sack easier, you can remove the plastic sifter lid from the bottle with a flathead screwdriver, a key, or your fingers.

Now slide the Sack Sack over the top of the powder bottle opening.

Upend the bottle - but keep a hold on your Sack Sack or you'll spill that powdery goodness. The powder will slowly fill the sack.

Fill until about three-quarters full and then carefully remove the bottle from the opening of the Sack Sack. Seal up the Sack Sack by closing the zipper.

You can replace the sifter lid of the powder bottle by gently snapping it back down into place. Now chuck that old can in the closet.

Your Sack Sack is ready to use. Generally, the cotton flannel side is for dispensing powder and the reverse side is for holding, as it will not dispense.

Gripping the Sack Sack from the zipper end will allow you to slap it against heartier areas (like inner thighs) and dispense more powder.  Cradling the Sack Sack in the palm and using a gentle pat will lightly dust the skin and is recommended for more "sensitive" regions.

Toss that Sack Sack right back in the medicine cabinet and don't waste a moment of your precious morning cleaning up that powder mess on the bathroom floor (because it isn't there).