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5 Tips for Getting The Most From Your Body Powder

April 04, 2018 0 Comments

I remember the days before I started using body powder - those sticky, chafe bound, snaggy-skin mornings.  Once I tried powder, I was hooked, and I’ve been a daily user ever since. Now that I’ve grown to love its benefits, if I forget to use powder for any reason, my body reminds me throughout the entire day.  So, to continue to spread the body powder revolution and help you get the most out of your powder routine, we’re taking a look at five ways to help you become the #powderpro we know you can be.

1. Use a Sack Sack body powder applicator.  

It’s the original no-mess body powder applicator for #bodypowderpros.  It stores your powder neatly in the medicine cabinet and makes it easy to apply every morning without making a mess all over the bathroom floor.  No more complaints from your spouse, no hassle, and it’s as simple as putting on deodorant. Step out of the shower, dry off, grab your Sack Sack and apply your choice of powder to your preferred areas.  Nothing to hide here, we’re selling, and we absolutely stand behind using our product every day. It’s simple, effective, and it’s a powerful way to make your mornings more efficient. If you haven’t yet, you just have to try it.

2. Try out lesser known body powder brands.

You have a lot more options than you might think.  It doesn’t necessarily start or end with baby powder or the yellow can stuff either.  Both of these popular options are well established for a reason and they are quality powders, but there are tons of brands out there that make powders, specifically for men, and you’ll find a lot of varieties of ingredients, formulations, and scents to choose from.  Want our recommendation? Try out our friends over at Fromonda for men. These guys make a variety of talc-free powders formulated from all organic ingredients like arrowroot, tea tree oil, colloidal oats, and essential oils. What I like most is that the scents are masculine without becoming overbearing, and their powder never over dries the skin, which is especially important for daily use.

3. Dry your skin completely before applying body powder.  

One of the things we tend to overlook is the dry off process after showering.  Be sure to completely dry your skin before you apply your powder so you’ll get a more even distribution of powder particles on the skin.  Drying off completely before applying powder also makes it easier for the powder to spread on its own throughout the affected area as you move.  Don’t skimp on the dry-off.

4. Apply sparingly at your inner thighs.  

One thing that a lot of body powder users notice early on is how much it helps in preventing chafing in the inner thighs.  Unfortunately, due to its vertical nature, it’s also an area that happens to be particularly challenging to apply powder on.  The Sack Sack provides a massive advantage here again with its antigravity-style action. You can apply a perfect layer of powder from any direction in any area with ease and especially with inner thighs, the more even and broadly you can apply it, the longer you stay cool and comfortable.

    5. Don’t waste time cleaning up.  

    Cleaning up sucks.  Ask any seven-year-old and they’ll agree.  So how are you going to become #dailypowderfresh if you have to waste life moments sweeping up discarded powder all over the bathroom floor every morning?  Instead, you’ll simply suffer through the sticky sack syndrome, swamp crotch, bat wings, swoobs, boob rash, and all the rest of those horrible urban dictionary creations just to save yourself the broom laden hassle.  Screw that. Get a Sack Sack, start each morning with a crotch cloud of freshness, and NEVER clean up powder again.

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